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Welcome. Welcome.

Thank you so much for checking out my first blog post! It took me a while to finally figure out what I wanted my first post to be about, but I decided to write about something I'm often asked about or often talking about, the subject beyond the subject.  Locations.  Locations that I either love to shoot at or just love to go to in general.  Keep in mind that these locations are a bit more specific to my region.  I mean, I do love Boston, but that's not an entirely feasible place for me to bring folks for a session.  So without further adieu...

My Top 5 Favorite Locations to Shoot.


#1:  Beech Hill Preserve

Located in Rockport, ME. this is my favorite place I've found so far.  The preserve was built at the top of a hill and the only way to get up there is to take a 12-15 minute walk up.  No vehicles or even bicycles are permitted to go up to the top (aside from certain authorized vehicles who do maintenance and whatnot).  These restrictions in my opinion are what helps keep the area looking good and allows the space to remain free of overcrowding and ruining the fields.  With views of small mountains where the sun drops down behind, to the view of the ocean on the opposite side, a nice path through the woods, and blueberry fields all around.  The only downfall I've found is that it's not located on the water, but you can't have everything... which brings me to my #2 favorite location.


#2:  Owls Head Lighthouse

Located in Owl's Head, ME. it's quite a drive for most of the people I work with including myself, but it's completely worth it.  Incredible views of the ocean with cliffs and views of small mountains.  Not only that, but there is a nice path through the woods along the ocean as well.  The only disadvantage to this location is distance and no fields like that you'd find at Beech Hill Preserve.


#3:  Belfast Boathouse

Obviously in Belfast, ME. it's a small location, but what I love about it is the rock walls along the water.  Often it's also easy to see boats far off in the distance to add to a cool backdrop.  The pros about this place is the distance for the majority of my clients is close.  The disadvantage is that it doesn't offer a ton of variations in background and it's only available when the tide is low.


#4:  Bayside

Bayside is a little place kind of tucked away in the corner of Northport, ME. on the ocean looking out to the Penobscot Bay.  Bayside is also located about a mile from my home which makes it the easiest spot for me to get to.  I not only like this location because it's so close, but because it's also quite unique and very pretty.  With tiny cottages all lined up leading to the ocean it can make for some wonderful views.


#5:  Viles Arboretum

Located in Augusta, it's technically the furthest location from my home, but I am occasionally in that area anyway which is why I'm adding it to the list.  I love this place because of the vast fields and trees.  It does lack variations in scenery, but it succeeds in being so easy to get in and isn't crowded by other people.  With these photos being from the winter it's hard to tell how awesome it is, but trust me.  It is.

In these top 5 locations you probably noticed a bit of a theme being the fields, mountains, and the ocean.  For some reason I'm drawn the most to the mountains though.

Here is another list of frequent locations that I've shot at with a number rating system of how I feel about them.  1 = Not Great, Kind of Limited, Boring.  5 = Wonderful spot, Almost made my top 5 list, Great shots in any direction.

5  -  Camden Harbor , Camden
5  -  Birch Point State Park, Owls Head
4  -  Mount Battie, Camden
4  -  Vaughns Woods, Hallowell
3  -  Hallowell (Downtown)
3  -  Belfast (Downtown)
3  -  Rockport Harbor
3  -  Little River Trail, Belfast
3  -  Belfast Walking Trail (Used to be a railroad)


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