General FAQs



What's your style?
My style is natural and relaxed with a slight vintage feel.  I guess you could say I'm somewhat of a minimalist.  I like to shoot with only the necessities.  I rarely use a flash unless I'm indoors and even then I try to avoid it.  For portraits I generally only use my camera, a prime lens, and the sun.



Do I get a CD or something or do I have to purchase prints from you?
Instead of CD's I like to embrace the future and allow you to download your high quality images straight from my website.  Images can be downloaded onto your computer, tablet, and phone (I recommend computer, it's easier and faster).  This will also allow you to put the files onto whatever storage device you prefer.  I've found that many people don't have access to cd drives so in that situation this is a perfect modern solution.



Do you offer a print release?
In most situations I do.  I would love it if you would order your prints through my site, but I completely understand if you want to go through your own vendor.  While I can't compete with big box stores who use cheap paper and cheap ink to produce an inexpensive product, I do try to keep my prices lower and feasible for the high quality product that you would receive.



Do you charge for travel?​​​​​​​
Travel fees are included within a 30 mile radius of my home in Northport after that an extra $1/mile will be added to the total.
  (Example: If we shoot in Bar Harbor my mileage from Northport will be 62 miles, resulting in a travel fee of $32).



How do we book you?​​​​​​​
There are a few ways.  You can either connect with me through Facebook, Instagram, or my Website.  Simply explain your needs and as soon as I can I will get back to you quite possibly with questions of my own to get the ball rolling.



Can I make prints from the images in my online album? Can I edit my images?​​​​​​​
Yes and No! All the photos in your online album are high resolution, edited and ready to print. You can make prints anywhere you’d like and I'll even give you a list of places I recommend if that helps. You can also print directly from my website.  Please do not edit images I've worked so hard on. One of the reasons for choosing a photographer is for their style and creativity and to edit their work is quite frowned upon, plus it's pretty much a violation of copyright laws, so it's not so much a good idea.



I chose a package, but I think I want to upgrade it, is that possible?​​​​​​​
Of course you can! You're more than welcome to upgrade your option at any time.