How to Open or Unzip a Zip File

Zip files general contain files that have been compressed and 'zipped' to make downloading them faster and easier.
When downloading multiple files or photographs from Zenfolio we compress the files into a zip file for this reason.


Importing Things to Keep in Mind Before Opening a Zip File

Before attempting to open the zip file, make sure that the entire file has been downloaded. If the file has not yet been fully downloaded, you will see error an error and you will be prevented from opening the zip file.

These errors include:

-  The file is corrupted

-  The file has been moved

-  The file cannot be opened

Also if the downloaded file has a file extension of .cpgz, this also means that the file was not completely downloaded.

If you see any of above errors or the file ends in .cpgz, check your browser's download manager to make sure that the file has been completely downloaded. You may also need to restart the download over again.  If restarted, make sure to wait until the file has been completely downloaded before attempting to open the zip file.

If the issue persists, try downloading the file using a different web browser.  Using a different web browser usually resolves most issues.

To un-zip or decompress a zip file

On a Mac:

Find the downloaded file and double-click on the zip file

A new folder with the same name will be created with all of the contents inside it.


On a PC: 

Drag the .zip attachment to the desktop. Once the file is on the desktop, you can double- or right-click to open it.

Double-click the zipped file to see its contents. When prompted, drag the files out of the window to the desired location or click Extract All. When you click Extract All, the files are unzipped in the same location as the original file unless you specify a different one in the Select a Destination window.

Right-click the zipped file and select Extract All. By default, files are extracted to the location as the original zipped file. Use the Select a Destination window to save the files somewhere else.