Cross Street Photography | How To Download: Multiple Images on Computer

How To Download Multiple Photos:

- On Computer -


Step 1.

Go to

Click on "Client Galleries" at the Bottom of the Homepage.

Step 2.

Click on desired Category.

Step 3.

Find your Personal Gallery and Click on it.

Step 4.

Enter Password.

Step 5.

Select "Select Photos."

Step 6.

After choosing your images.  Select "Download."

Step 7.

Enter your email to be notified of when your images are ready to download and click "Request."

Step 8.

Once you receive your "Processing Your Request" notification, click "OK."

Step 9.

Soon you should receive an email that your files are ready.

Step 10.

Click on the blue link.  Your images will download into a zip folder.

Step 11.

Choose your save location (I tend to choose desktop so I can access it easily).  Click "Save."

Step 12.

Locate your ZIP Folder.

Step 13.

Right Click (on a PC) and select, "Extract All."

Step 14.

Select "Extract."

Step 15.

The extracted images will be inside of a new (non-zip) folder.  At this point you're all done!