About Aspen Ventura...

After 13 months of training at the Capilo Institute, Aspen has recieved her cosmetology lisence and is professionally certified to work throughout the state of Maine.  She has continued her profession working for a local salon as well as helping Cross Street Photography when clients are interested in getting their beauty enhanced

You can call her what you want, just don't call her a "hairdresser".  Her skills exceed the limits of hair.

Fun Fact: Aspen was born in a small cabin in Monroe, Maine and was raised in Belfast where she has lived ever since.


A few words from Aspen herself...

"I've always enjoyed doing hair/makeup on friends and family for various occassions but never thought to make a career of it until my senior year and was sort of an 'on the fly' thing but I am very happy with the decision I have made."


"I think the most important skill to have in this industry is to be a good listener and to have an eye for creativity, I always strive to be the best I can be"

"I appreciate the little things in life and look forward to waking up and enjoying whatever comes my way."